Talking Space


© S. Gstöttner


© S. Gstöttner


© S. Gstöttner


Category: Space perception, Planning
Cost: moderate
Subject: Music/Art
Age: 10 – 14
Group: > 15
Duration: up to 3 hours
Procedure: Guidance recommended


There are five characters, each with a different set of spatial needs. By means of short stories, children get to know these characters and learn about how they use space. They are given assignments for discovering and designing ideal spaces for each character. Through describing their experiences of space and different spatial contexts, the children expand their vocabulary of space and architecture.


The workshop helps children and young people become more aware of space, verbalize their sensations of space (putting them into words), and become acquainted with various spatial needs and uses.

This project was developed by: Sabine Gstöttner and made possible by: Stadtplanung Wien (MA18, MA19, MA21A).

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