Motivation and Goal: Bringing Built Environment to Young People

Educating people about the designed and built living environment helps them understand their own responsibility for it and become aware of the effect it has. Because everyone lives and moves in designed spaces, being aware of the built world should be part of our everyday skills.
Although among all of the forms of artistic endeavor, architecture has the most immediate impact on our daily lives, only some of us consciously perceive our environments. Even fewer of us are aware that good design is an essential component of our well-being and a core part of our cultural identity.
Architecture is anchored in the curricula of a number of different disciplines, yet it becomes a part of school lessons only when a teacher happens to be interested in it and either trust their ability to convey it, or utilize the resources of architectural institutions.
The awareness of architecture must be taught! The teaching objective is to awaken an understanding of space and to demonstrate how the built world can be shaped and organized. The goal is members of society who attain more from buildings and spaces than just basic functionality.

Target Group

This webpage is created for all those who wish to transmit the culture of our built environment.

www.bink.at: Platform Goals

This website is intended to serve as a platform for encouraging young people to take an interest in architecture and urban space.

The platform

1) fosters built environment education for young people
2) presents sample projects for teaching about built environment
3) provides contact addresses for Austrian partners
4) publishes information about events, bids for tender, and competitions
5) provides tips about sources online and in print
6) makes international connections