Mission to Explore


© Monika Abendstein



Category: Urban, Landscape, Space perception, Building history
Cost: moderate
Subject: Philosophy, Languages, Music/Art
Age: 14 – 19
Group: > 15
Duration: several days
Procedure: Guidance recommended


… as a foreigner in a foreign city in a foreign country, recognizing oneself in the foreign; how being different sharpens the senses…
A project that can be undertaken as part of a cultural excursion or a trip abroad for older students, to discover the value of observing foreign cultures through a perceptive awareness of architecture and spatial design.


Sensitizes young travelers to the experience of being an outsider, playing with action-and-reaction in order to encourage awareness of detail as they engage a new environment.

This project was developed by: Monika Abendstein and made possible by: RaumGestalten.

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