Geodesic Domes


© Manfred Kotek


© Manfred Kotek


© Manfred Kotek


Category: Space perception, Construction, Material
Cost: moderate
Subject: Natural science, Music/Art
Age: 6 – 10, 10 – 14
Group: < 15
Duration: up to 3 hours
Procedure: No specialist needed


Geodesic domes, which were developed in particular by American inventor and architect Richard Buckminster Fuller (1895 – 1983), are constructed from stabile geometric shapes based on triangles. By distributing the loads among many structural members, these formations are generally very strong and durable and can even be made out of conventional newspaper.


Study the structural capacity of paper, divide and share work tasks, develop team spirit, read working drawings, think in three-dimensions.

This project was developed by: Christine Aldrian-Schneebacher and made possible by: ARCHITEKTUR_SPIEL_RAUM_KÄRNTEN und Kammer der ZiviltechnikerInnen für Kärnten und Steiermark.

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